The motorcycle show season is about to start, and riders can expect to see a wide range of models unveiled with three major shows taking place in Asia and Europe in the coming days. Many manufacturers opt to divide the release of their new models across these shows, but manufacturers in Japan, Italy and Germany prefer to unveil new models during their home country motorcycle shows. The Intermot Show is the widely acknowledged motorcycle show, where world-renowned manufacturers stage new bikes, depending on the latest market trends, and technological advancementS. We look at some of the models that showcased during this year’s show.


The German manufacturer released details of the R 1250 GS and RT, which is a long distance monster, with an improved flat-twin boxer engine. With the improvements made on the engine, combined with the ShiftCam technology, the two models give the rider value for money regarding efficiency, performance, and culture.


The Italian manufacturer has released many new models in the past, and this year was not an exception. The Scrambler series was one of the highlights from the manufacturer, but it came as a surprise to many, after the company decided to discontinue the 2018 award winning 1299 model, replacing it with the first road racer, the Ducati Panigale V4, which is a real deal, especially when it comes to the Moto GP event.

The Future

Manufacturers are spending a lot of time and resources in research, as much as you can spend gathering info about the Euros, to come up with better models when compared to previous releases, concerning performance, efficiency, and safety. The new year brings along a lot of hope and expectations to the motorcycling world, and it’s important to keep an eye on what news the manufacturers avail to the market. You can also read through other sections on this site for more information related to motorcycles.