Owning a motorcycle is a fantasy for almost every young person especially the adrenaline filled individuals. However, maintaining a motorcycle can be a challenge for many individuals especially those with little interest on the mechanical conditions of their bike. The engine is the driving force behind almost all electrical machines and it’s important that you keep your bike’s engine in good condition. Keeping records of your manufactures or maintenance and recommendations will keep you from guessing what you need to do on your bike at a particular time. These mechanics and manufacturers recommendations when followed will help in keeping your bikes performance top notch.

Here are some of the tips to help you maintain your engine levels at an all-time high:

The engine oil for your motorcycle

The primary function of the engine oil in every engine is to keep the engine lubricated. It’s important to change your bikes engine oil at intervals of ever 3,000 miles or after six months. The oil helps reduce the engine oil, acts as a seal for the piston and helps other engine parts remain cool. The type of oil that you use on your motorcycle is as important as how frequently you oil your engine because if the oil should not be so thick that it won’t fit between the engine parts and it shouldn’t be so thin that it’s not able to separate the engine parts.

Motorcycle fuel to use

Motorcycle fuel is a vital component that will determine the performance of the engine. Some engine malfunctions may require that you use fuel of a higher grade. However, using a higher grade fuel to increase the performance of your engine is not always worth the cost. Higher octane levels in the fuel will not increase the longevity or the performance of the engine hence its advised that you use the manufacturers recommended fuel grade.

Motorcycle fluid

Using the right motorcycle fluid as recommended by your manufacturer especially when the bike is under warranty is very vital. Using automobile fluid or other fluids rather than what the manufacturer has recommended may void your warranty. You can buy the manufacturers recommended fluid from your local dealer or contact your manufacturer who will direct you on where to buy the recommended fluid.

In conclusion, the performance of any machine will be determined by how well you maintain the machine especially the engine. The above tips will give you some heads up on how to maintain your engine and give your bike a long life.