In the News

In an interesting turn of events, the Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, who usually presents watches to policemen in his country, this year surprised many people. He gifted the three best police riders, who topped the motorcycle driving course, with brand new Yamaha motorcycles. During the end of course ceremony held in Davao, he said that motorcycle police are at higher risks of accidents, but they respond to emergencies swiftly. With these remarks from the president of a country with a population of over 104 million people, then motorcycles are seen as a good solution; an easy, convenient and economical mode of transport.

Betting on Moto Racing

Motorcycle betting has become a popular option for bettors, especially with the adoption of online moto racing markets and virtual races. Betting sites such as Unibet Entertainment, offer a wide range of markets on moto sports, with bettors nowadays wanting to experience not only the thrill of the race but also make some money. With motor racing, available markets include betting on a winner, place, or other options, just as it is in car or horse racing. If you are enthusiastic about bike racing, its essential that you first follow several events and learn some game basics, before placing your stake. We encourage you to read our website thoroughly, as we will highlight some betting tips, and basics on bike racing, and other motorcycle events around the world. Ensure that you read through some reviews on the website, before depositing your money, because reviews will either be seen as positive or negative depending on other users experience. You don’t want to place your bet and be disappointed at the end of the day.

New Technology

Technological advancements have helped change the motorcycle industry to match with the current world needs. Better safety gear has been designed to help the rider achieve that desired comfort level, and at the same time, improve on the protective and safety aspect. Manufacturers are also availing to the market, bikes that are more fuel efficient, have powerful engines, plus buyers have the option of customising, depending on one’s preferences. With these developments in the past few years, there is much potential in the industry.